The Mighty winged serpents


Descendants from the all dragon io. the dragons had suffered the most from the war against the titans. the dragons were infected with a degenertive disease by the titans during the war.

Every chameleon dragon that has been discovered so far has shown to be unable to produce chameleon dragons and instead have produced either steel dragons or brown dragons.


+can change into any kind of dragon as a swift action.
+have a prismatic breath weapon (aka everything damage)
+100 to hide and move silently, like a chameleon…
+and all the unfair things about playing a 80 hitdice dragon.

-titans have infected you with a degenerative disease, its only down from here for your descendants.
-the generation 0 and generation 1 dragons are immortal and only die when killed. other generations just live reeeeally long times.
-you would step into rule as master race but orbs of dragon kind exist.
-kraken’s are coming for you. and you are not ready

player: none
generation: 0


generation: 0


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