"the ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of time"


there names:
come from a loud screech that can be heard in a spherical radius. through the oceans, through stone, through sky. the radius of this screech is all dependent on the size of the batch. larger batches can be heard on worlds away. when kraken’s are born into the world the entire breeding pit screams out KRAKEN!!!!! letting the worlds know another 1000 kracken have been released.

the kraken god:
the only known sighting of the kraken god was seen from air near a ice titan village. shortly after the artist of this picture had departed the village it and the rest of its inhabitants had vanished. note the size of a titan compared to its eye.kraken_god.jpg

+natural Planeswalkers: can travel between any planes.
+many, many arms/tentacles for grabbing things.
+naturally divine, worshipers gain divine spells and can choose from destruction, and any 3 domains of the Krackens choosing. (max 60 level clerics)
+after a century or 2 spent adapting, Krackens can adapt to any boyent or no gravity area.
5 to 10 centuries they can adapt to any another terrain.

-Kracken’s require massive amounts of food; all problems like eating worshipers and each other included!!!
-Krakens are notoriously hard to control. expect no more then a dozen to cooperate with you at any given time.
- you never choose where you arrive when you planeswalk

- Lava_Kraken_by_Suburban_Samurai.jpg
here is a kraken that has adapted to lava.

heres one for land



generation: 0


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