elder elves


like many of the species, you were born of the World Tree, Genesis. While some races like the mighty kraken and majestic phoenix were scooped up there respective gods. and others like the fey who were guided by the trents upon there birth into the world. Your destiny follows a path never expected by any of them…

…you fell through something otherworldly, and it changed you forever…

The Trents had decreed they cannot lead you on your path and must find your own. “The beloved half-child” the Trents called you. Born of the world tree and other worldly

You are free to follow your own path and write the story of the Le’Sahy into the pages of history. will you stay true to your heritage and become a ally of nature? Or will the fruit fall far from the tree and will you turn to more darker magics? with this freedom they have given to you, anything is possible.

+ sorcerer level equal to hit dice
+ you have the ability to see into the past in a 10 foot area around you. these area appears only gives you a vision and no other sense’s. any form of writing done by a elder race is illegible but titan race languages seems to be readable for some reason. trying to go beyond year 0 and you will come to a giant gate with a undefined and blurry gate.
+ a Le’Shay is never unarmed, there soul provides them with an assortment of weapons. for every favored weapon the basic elf gets. the Le Shay gets a magic item with a +15 market price.
+ can speak any language after hearing a few words. (except phoenix)
+ natural planeswalkers

- soul weapons could be used against you.
- starting area is dangerous, even for a 60 hd creature



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