the elemental enbodiment


Phoenix’s were essential in the collapse of the titan empire. the Phoenix’s had switched there original role of support for the role of front line combatant with the dragons after the overking had unleashed the disease and orbs of dragon kind into the world. now the pheonix’s have been digging in all around the universe at sights of “interest”. preparing for rising seas. the phoenix comes in all shapes and sizes, negative energy, steel, rust, frost etc and have very different forms.
Your mother, The Prismatic Phoenix had left with your twin skizzikrixx eons ago. Countless generations had passed and as your faith in your mother ever returning waned. you: the phoenix of ash, the very representation of the Phoenix rebirth. took the reins of control and went into a blood war and had claimed the throne as “the master race”.

The kraken seek to return to claim the title from you. will you fight for your position as master race? will you give it up without a fight? or will you hand down the title of “master race” to a lesser species and back them with your fury? Ash Phoenix, the eldest of the mother phoenix’s children: the murder’s is ready for your command!!!

above:the most numerous (and weakest) of pheonix’s; the forest pheonix
below: an area willow starting to take on the “effects” of a fire Phoenix roosting/nesting.

and here is the same area of willows completely converted

+ never go to court against a phoenix, you will lose!!! (+100 to knowledge: law)

+ unless killed in a certain way, you always come back (in 500 years)
binding yourself to a lesser being allows you both to come back in 24 hours unless both of you are killed in that time
note: you can choose one or the other at any time as long as they don’t over lap in any way.
(this includes details like seeing if they can kill the other in 24 hrs)

+ you roost in a area and it takes on the same traits as you 1km radius = HD
roosting: nest and the HD turns into HP (takes 500 years)
note: you can choose one or the other at any time as long as they don’t over lap in any way.

+ know exactly where every being is in your roost/nesting radius.
+ you are the most “prepared” for the Kraken’s.
+ natural planeswalkers

? there are more strengths to be unlocked, exploring potential strengths could trigger potential weakness’s
? you have the most weakness’s of the titan races, but the fewest known.
? you bq). SHOULD never bind with a titan race. should…

- NOBODY SPEAKS PHOENIX! lose 1 full turn or, 5 straight turns of your swift/free actions. teaching it to someone. That person loses the same amount of time. (telepathy and any sort of round-a-bout ways don’t work.)
- bird brain: of all the important things these knowledgeable birds have remembered. there is one memory they have forgotten…. one memory so important that remebering its exisitence could destroy you (everyone knows there is one sure way to kill alll phoenix)

player: free


generation: 0


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