forged dwarves


“made” is what you are, crafted by the 3 titan kings of metal, stone and fire. your forging is unbelievable even as these 3 gods tell you how you came to be. Collecting the titan-tanium ore from the all over obraxsis, a fire hotter then any elemental dijini was used smelt you, and finally as they forged you and your peoples, the titans had given up there godlike powers to give you life.

from your birth the now mortal titans have pledged to teach you all they know before they leave the mortal coil, there hearts have grown with pride as you quickly mastered the countless lessons of the extinct titan’s. The last of your Lessons; the 3 titans had stepped aside and designated you as the true ruler of the Dwarves.

Dwarves are rarely seen without at least one of there war-machines

+ Can create any amount of constructs as long as there total hd don’t exceed the Dwarves hit-dice
+ titan-tanium: your body attracts all forms of magic and discharges harmlessly into the ground
+ natural planeswalkers
+ knowledge of the steel, stone, and fire titans already known
+ a energy based breath weapon (chosen from lightning, fire, sound)
+ a center of gravity that you can catch people or objects in.
+ can pass through stone, metal or fire as if it is air


- your peoples are the only source of titan-tanium. expect many people looking to collect the valuable resource.
- only you know where the Slarecian’s are, and people will come asking for directions
- your creation by 3 titan kings has obliterated most chances of diplomicy. most species mistrust dwarf’s even more then the goblins.
- The Taalomar must spread out proportionately to how deep down in the earth you are. unless you are willing to have massive wurms devour entire population centers


player: free



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