giant men


yes titans built warmachines like this.

space titans (star children)

one of there devices


you are one of the hundreds of sons and daughters of the overking, the titan god. you have been gifted with eternal ruler-ship over one of the hundred titan species. though the holy war you had fought with the phoenix’s and dragons had ended with the near extinction
of most of the titan species. you and a healthy enough breeding stock have survived. now you must make contact with your siblings and attempt to salvage whats left of the once great titan empire

+ are you a titan and have a problem with something? then create a device to solve that problem.
+ when a titan dies, they leave a massive disaster in there wake. these cataclysms have a semi sentience and leave path of destruction till they disperse. if cared for properly these cataclysms don’t disperse but sustain themselves.
+ a titan only bows to the Overking
+ your magic doubles every size category you go up by (this includes duration, casting time etc.)
+ natural planeswalkers.
+ 3 of the 13 titan war-machines remain operable. 2 have been dissembled and 1 of the remaining war-machines only the Overking knows where it lies.
+ many generation 1 races believes you are there creators (and this is true in some cases)
+has orbs of dragon kind

- titans numbers are too low to band together, there birthing rate too long to grow in numbers. use behind curtain tactics or collaborate with your siblings to get stuff done.
- threaten any of the other titan races and prepare to be exterminated. (that includes using the orbs of dragon kind)
-cant planeswalk.
-Krakens are coming for you, you are not prepared.

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