Otto's Dance Shoes

His dance shoes...


YES! the legendary bard Otto himself had commissioned these incredible dancing shoes. The God of krunk had Generations of scientist’s and centuries of research put into these shoes. Many prototypes and faulty versions had been thrown aside until finally the scientist’s had come to a dead end with a certain pair of shoe’s. (see above)

The shoes would kill anyone who couldn’t control the shoes dancing power and not a single person on the planet was capable of surviving the shoes awesome ability.

With no test subjects to test the shoes on, Otto himself had offered to act as a final test subject. The dance he did with those shoes was so amazing that the planet he danced on was destroyed.

now you are wondering how anyone knows of this story?
The last Experimental logs were beamed to the planets moon just before its destruction, where it was picked up by the astronaut on the moon during a mission.

one of the many prototypes:

This is the final recorded footage on Otto’s dancing shoes. The combination of other experiments in this footage is believed to be the result of the Shoes. arranging the footage in a way that gives it the appearance of music video.


Otto's Dance Shoes

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