there are many terms and bits of information about the planar setup of obraxsis.

blind eternities: a common term used by species with access to mystical powers. (see galaxy)

Obraxsis: The name of prime material plane. it is the only material plane that is situated in a galaxy. It is also used to describe the entire planar setup

planeswalker: a being that does not need to eat, sleep, breath and produce fertile planeswalker offspring. a planeswalker is unaffected by the blind eternities, other planes traits or planets climate. can travel between planets and planes with a mere thought. planeswalkers are immortal and can be only killed if there spark and/or brain is destroyed.

spark: the source of a planeswalkers power. most sparks are about the size of a fist and upon the death of a planeswalker explode with the force of a small sun. these can incenerate entire planes and cause “glitches” in the very aspect of reality. no planeswalker has control of another planewalkers spark


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