massive spirit beasts


best way to describe a Kami is a collection of spirits that had all shared something in common and had formed into a weird physical form representing some aspect of the world around it. kami have been historically been hunted by the other titan races for the massive amount of spirit energy. however of recent some kami have been gaining sentience.

Though the walking spirits are neutral to everything in the world around them. all of them answer to the Spirit Steward, The voice of the realm’s soul (you).

what is your guess as to what this kami represents?:

A kami in a more humanoid form (found out later to be a sort of harvest kami)

+ The kami’s physical form is made of hardened spirit energy. this provides resistance to every form of damage. only known way to bypass this is by using something that is opposite to the kami’s aspect or a weapon built to hurt spirits.
+ A kami can turn any creature with a spirit, ANY CREATURE. successfully turning them instead destroys the soul.
+ natural planeswalkers
+ nobody knows anything about you.
+ ability to change forms (within reason)
+ one of the best known ways to travel

- some creatures cant have kami. (goblins, titans to name a few)
- creatures that use soul’s (saladi, celestials, undead etc.) might possibly harvest your kin for there spiritual energy
- can only planeswalk to places with souls.
- many kami keep to themselves and prefer to keep it that way. but there are more then willing to share there knowledge with you.
- krackens are coming and you are not ready. but neither are they.

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