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everything has been said about undead, so i will just read off some of my favorite quotes.

“The swamps are alive with the dead”

-describing a undead swamp monster.

“Literally made for battle”
- a undead monster stitched together for battle (duh)

“Its last life is spent tormenting your dreams”
-the description for a zombie cat

“Make sure you bleed the fine print.”
- signing of a blood contract, with a undead!

“Don’t you agree that goblin intellects are improved by zombification?”
- zombie goblins

alright here is some pictures:

+ undead? what is that? no other races (except the titan races) have any concept of the “undead”
+ you are death, destroyer of worlds. how could anything expect to kill you?
+ where there is life, there is death. negative energy is almost everywhere in the multiverse and in massive amounts.
+you start with very basic undead.(zombies, skeletons etc.) through R&D you can make even more kinds
+can control undead who’s hit dice = to your hp

- positive energy hurts, alot. also unusable by undead.
- you also have little to no knowledge of the multiverse.
- if that cant kill you, they will seal/imprison you.
- expect major penalties to diplomacy between undead and most other races
- currently start with skeletons and undead (500 of each)

player: chris



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