fist of the suns


allows you to collect 5 other planeswalker sparks and use them. (imagine hitting somebody with a fist of 5 dragons)

abusing it will eventually cause permanent damage to you:

destruction: 5 different people must give there spark willingly. then use there combined power to cause the fists of the suns to melt down. and cause a large portion of time and space to collapse into a fist-sized oblong.


created by a powerful steel titan during the war. the wire-frame gauntlet appears to have millions of tiny carvings all over its copper frame, and always a comfortable fit on to any creature with hands.
This weapon is believed to have been the reason for many cataclysm’s: the breaking of Sigil, The titan city. the dragon degeneration disease. the kraken’s icy prison. the gauntlet was always found unscathed at ground zero.

fist of the suns

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